2015 Ghana Outreach Project

In March 2015, Priscilla Birago, President of Hands of a Hero Foundation traveled with a HOHF Team in Ghana to our adopted village for the first time.

Below was her account after conducting the 2015 Ghana Outreach Project with our the Project Manager, Bennet Nyarko. For more pictures and videos of their trip, please visit our facebook page.

“5:30am trip; over 5 hour drive on bumpy roads into the mountains; observing the beautiful landscapes of beautiful Ghana; passing by many hidden villages many never heard of; getting to our adopted village in the Eastern region; walking for 30 mins to see the only drinkable water as a small stream with green alleges; spending over 5 hours with the children of Oboyan; meeting this beautiful soul, who’s mother died at the time of his birth; seeing how grateful they were with the little we gave; this experience has truly touched us, and has validated our purpose. Hands of a Hero Foundation ‪#‎thejourneycontinues”‬ – Priscilla Birago.

They also had a chance to visit the site where the only source of drinkable water available for the villagers is located.We were very shocked to see this for ourselves. The people of this village desperately need access to clean water and we hope to provide a clean water system to them soon. Please stay tuned as we will be bringing you updates on ways to help us create a solution to bring clean water to our adopted village

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