Our Goals, Our Purpose


Eliminating Poverty and Igniting Smiles

We are devoted to creating initiatives that aim on eliminating poverty and putting smiles on the faces of deprived children in Ghana.


Educating for Achievement

We aim to educate children and youth to recognize their potential in life and provide the key resources they require to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Uplifting through Mentorship

Cultivating successful mentorship relationships between mentors and mentees and promoting positive self image among youths. Uplifting through mentorship initiatives allows mentees to aim higher, excel, succeed, dream big, and attain their goals.


Empowerment and Motivation

We create and maintain initiatives that allow children and youth to showcase their hidden abilities and talents. As well as helping develop their skills that will prepare them for future prospects.


Improving Standard Living Conditions

Our ultimate aim is to create awareness, raise funds, and implement initiatives that will provide resources to improve the standard living conditions of children living in poverty.


Share Love and Confidence

We ensure that every child and youth we come in contact with will experience love. We also enable them to gain confidence by giving them hope for a better future.


Provide Education and Empowerment

We aim to educate children and youth about the importance of taping into their inner creativity and capabilities through educational scholarships and inspiring workshops.


Provide Knowledge

We provide knowledge for youth in Canada through youth development program that educates them on self-love, the building of self-confidence and self-esteem, the importance of self-image, as well as leadership skills and the fundamentals of business.


Provide Food

We provide food to families and children through the Care Kit Program t and Breakfast for Hope Program.


Provide Essentials

We provide clothing, shoes,toys, school supplies and other day to day items children living in poverty lack in their lives.