The Breakfast for Hope initiative is a brand new project that emerged from a partnership with Help the African Child Foundation. The purpose of the project is to provide nutritious breakfast to over 300 children in communities in Ghana; this way we are able to positively influence children in school attendance as well as their learning experiences, and daily activities. Many children in Ghana are not granted the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast on a regular basis, thus many are disrupted by their hunger pains, and fatigue, which results in lower physical activity and a decreased ability to focus. Breakfast for Hope

will ensure school-age children obtain lasting and positive effects by participating in the program. Breakfast for Hope was launched on October 1st, 2013.

If you would like to make contribution to the Breakfast for Hope project, or any of our other ongoing projects please contact us directly at contactus@handsofahero.org

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On Tuesday June 11th 2013, Hands of a Hero Foundation successfully launched and facilitated its second GTA-based youth initiative – the All About Me Youth Program. Unlike their Valentine Mentorship Dinner which is directed towards young girls, ages 14 to 18, All About Me is more inclusive as the program is extended to both male and female participants and can also cater to older youth and young adults. Developed and implemented by HOHF’s own Director of Youth Development, Rochelle Mairs, All About Me is a series of workshops that focuses on youth from a personal perspective, dealing with subject matter surrounding “the self” such as: self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, self image and self-expression. All of which raise a healthy sense of self-awareness and self identity. Other aspects of the program include leadership, as well as business and social etiquette – all facilitated using an active, hands-on and artistic approach.

The program was first taken to Eva’s Phoenix*, a youth shelter for homeless and at-risk youth, located Downtown Toronto. Alongside Mairs, All About Me was facilitated by fellow HOHF director, Nana Yeboah. The dynamic duo delivered what was originally an eight-week program as a condensed four-week “crash course.” With snacks provided weekly and icebreakers to introduce themselves and the youth, they hoped and anticipated a great connection with their first group. Using methodologies such as group discussions, interactive group activities, journaling, meditation and visual arts, Mairs and Yeboah engaged their 10 participants – the majority of which were boys, to their surprise.  While some days were heavy in terms of subject matter, the facilitators often managed to “lighten” the mood and keep the youth entertained.

The deeply pondered questions, positive responses to workshop content and the rapport built with the youth all made for a successful program.  Overall, the experience was both enlightening and satisfying to Mairs and Yeboah, as well as the youth involved. Lives were touched indefinitely – they were somebody’s hero.  For every helping hand is a hero in a child’s life – no matter the age.


* Eva’s Phoenix provides housing for 50 youth, aged 16 to 24 years, for up to a full year, and since 2002 has also allowed up to 160 youth each year, aged 16 to 29 years, to participate in its employment and pre-apprenticeship programs. Working with business, labour and community partners, Eva’s Phoenix provides homeless and at-risk youth with the opportunities needed to develop life skills, build careers and live independently.

For more info, contact Eva’s Phoenix:

Phone: 416-364-4716
Fax: 416-364-7533
Email: info@evas.ca



On May 4th. 2013, HOHF held their 1st Annual Charity Fashion Show: Fashion against Poverty at Creature Creating in Toronto, Ontario. It was a great evening for a great cause to raise awareness about underserved youth in the Greater Toronto Area and poverty among children Ghana, West Africa through fashion. Hands of a Hero Foundation express their sincere gratitude to all the sponsors, fashion designers, models, vendors and the 150 attendees who supported in organizing a hugely successful fashion show raising $2000

The enchanted evening was hosted by MC Ebone and Hilda. The show featured eight fashion designers on the runway, each showcasing a clothing line filled with its own unique sense of class and flavor from different parts of the world. Fashion against poverty showcased, Verse Ten Fashion, Jeann.Pris, Epithumeo, Emua Fashions, Design of a Diaspora, Leukos Clothing, Maricar Sodusta  Jozet Jemz and ZD Couture. Click here to view event pictures

The entertainment for the evening consisted of an emerging artist, Devonna, who is also known as chocolate Melody, Vicky Ro, a spoken word artist and KemiKAL, an emerging Toronto rapper. The audience was astonished at the talented Soul Singer Devonna, as she performed. She was not only entertaining but created a beautiful atmosphere, and the audience wished she performed all night.

After the show, attendees received some scrumptious cocktail snacks, catered by Loso’s Kitchen and some delicious cake from Studio Cakes.  The night proceeded to mix and mingle with Toronto’s finest locals. The designers were gracious enough to speak to people after the show and celebrate the success of the evening.  Guest left with a free shopping gift card from Trend Trunk

Sponsors for Fashion against Poverty are Metroland Media, Bloor West Villager and Parkdale Villager News paper, Trend Trunk, Boateng Estates, Vinny Artistry, Kathy Templeton, and Makeup by Stephanie, Barksdale Entertainment, Priam Photography, Andrew (video), Creatures Creating, Cake Studio, Loso Kitchen, and Skin Essence.

Funds raised at this event will be go towards providing the resources needed to empower underserved youth, in the Greater Toronto Area through our summer youth program. In addition Another 50% of the funds will be going  toward the Shining Light Project, Toy drive and Little by little Project dedicated for less fortunate children in Ghana.

Hands of a Hero Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to making fashion against poverty a huge success. They sincerely hope that the support will continue for their future endeavours.

**Click here for more event pictures**

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Hands of a Hero Foundation Annual Charity fashion show: Fashion against Poverty, will be taking place on Saturday, May 04, 2013 at 6:00pm. The event will be held at Creatures Creating Art Gallery: 822 Dundas Street W, Toronto, Ontario.


Poverty transcends borders; its passes waters that bridge continents. It encompasses the earth much like the air that we all breathe. Hands of a Hero Foundation recognize that the poverty pandemic is far more than the shoe less children in Africa. Poverty is in our backyards, our neighborhoods, in our cities. Realizing that the problem is deeper than hemispheres is the first step to creating a solution. Self awareness and Education are key in fighting this pandemic and it is up to us to make sure we help those in need.

But just like poverty, Fashion also, transcends borders. It defines a people and creates an awareness of self and culture whilst beckoning others to realize its beauty.

Hands of a Hero Foundation – Fashion Against Poverty Gala is meant to create an atmosphere of enlightenment and beauty as it brings forth the various fabrics, styles and customs of the different continents many of us call home.


The concept of the fashion show will entail the collaboration of different fashion designers and emerging talents from a diverse realm of fashion background, showcasing from at least ½ designers from each continent grouping to challenge the norm of fashion.

This event will be used as a platform to showcase the talents of established and upcoming designers, models, entertainers and entrepreneurs. In addition, the fashion show will be used as an inspirational podium to connect people, spark cross-disciplinary ideas and create more innovation for the upcoming generation. Thus, different fashion designers all across the Greater Toronto Area will be given the opportunity to exhibit their unique fashion ideas and skills to fashion enthusiast in an exclusive art gallery.

In addition to the artists that will be participating in the event, some small businesses will have the opportunity to exhibit their business as vendors for the show.
To provide our audience and attendees with a distinctive and enjoyable event, the fashion show will include a cocktail reception, entertainment and live auction. After the show, audience members will also have the opportunity to mingle.


Where funds will be going

50% of funds raised from this event will go towards providing the resources needed to empower underserved youth, 12-18 years of age in the Greater Toronto Area through our summer youth program.

Another 50% of funds raised will go toward the Shining Light Project, Toy drive and Little by little Project dedicated for less fortunate children in Ghana.

Tickets are $15.00 each.

To purchase ticket (s) online please visit http://www.eventbrite.ca/event/5817471213/eorg#

To become an exhibitor at the show,click here for Fashion Show Exhibitor Registration Form




On Saturday, February 16th 2013, Hands of a Hero Foundation held a special event of dining, mentorship and socializing we deemed the Valentine Mentorship Dinner: DiscoveringYou, which took place at Carmine Stefano CC in Toronto, Ontario. In spite of the awful weather, young girls from all over the GTA come out and joined HOHF mentors and motivational speakers in a wonderful evening of embracing their potentials as great women of this generation and the generation to come.READ MORE

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