Clean Water Project

02 December, 2015 Children, Ghana, Water
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In 2014, Hands of a Hero Foundation adopted Oboyan, a village in the Eastern Region of Ghana. In March 2015, we had the opportunity to visit the village to observe the condition of the people living there.We saw the need for the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, health care, and most importantly clean drinking water. The nearest accessible stream to the village is about an hour walk. Many of the children from the village walk every morning before school to get water to cook, drink and bath. The water they use for their daily routines is unsustainable for drinking and cooking and is filled with bacteria and alleges. We recognize the importance of clean water in this village and that is why we created the The Clean Water Project. This initiative will enable us to bring awareness about the importance of clean water and also help us to provide the Village of Oboyan with full access to clean drinking water. Clean water is imperative to the health, and success of many children and families.  With this project, we will install a bole hole system in the village which will give the village access to clean water and we will also provide water filters for the village.

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