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Breakfast for Hope

Hands of a Hero Foundation was in partnership with Help the African Child Foundation through Breakfast for Hope,where we provided nutritious breakfast’s to over 300 children in Ghana every morning in order to positively influence children in school attendance, learning experience and daily activities.

Studies show that nutrition and health statuses are powerful influences on a child’s learning, growth and on how well a child performs daily and in school. Children who lack breakfast daily do not have the same potential for learning as healthy and well-nourished children. Weak health and poor nutrition among school-aged children diminish their cognitive development either through physiological changes and/or by reducing their ability to participate in learning experiences.

Many children do not have the opportunity to eat breakfast on a regular basis, thus many are disrupted by hunger pains and fatigue associated with not having enough to eat. Hunger is associated with lower physical activity, stomach-aches, headaches, depression, anxiety and a decreased ability to focus. It is important for children to have breakfast every morning to boast their performance and learning.

Breakfast for Hope ensures that school -aged children obtain a strong start to their days, and will have lasting, positive effects as they continue their education.

To support this program, you can donate monetary funds and or non-perishable food items.


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