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GH Scholarship Program

One of the greatest aims for the Hands of a Hero Foundation (HOHF) is to break the cycle of poverty among children. We recognize that many children in Ghana are eager to learn but lack the adequate resources to support their education. The HOHF Ghana Scholarship Program assists children to acquire the education in which they need to be successful and contribute positively to the development of their community. Each year 15 – 20 students  will be selected from from low income families all across Ghana. Students chosen will receive a full year scholarship to help support their education.

Qualified students will receive:

  • 5kg of rice every three months for the duration of one academic year
  • End of term examination fee for 3 terms in one academic year
  • Two new uniforms
  • School bag
  • All the books and pens they will need for the year
  • Additional assistance for tuition fees
  • A bicycle will be provided for students who walk 3 to 4 miles to school
  • Vocational guidance for students with discussion from consultants

The HOHF scholarship program will decrease the high rate of school dropouts from the rural communities across Ghana.

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