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The Toy Drive

Research has shown that toys and play are essential to the development of children when growing up. It is important for every child to have a toy whether it is a stuffed bear, plastic toy or a doll because toys allow children to engage in physical and imaginative activities and it improves their fine and gross motor skills. When children learn to play with toys it allows them to discover the world they live in and provides them with plenty of fun and happiness.

Many children in rural areas in Ghana do not have toys to play with. It is our aim to collect up to 3000 toys and stuffed animals every year for less fortunate children in Ghana. The Toy Drive initiative enable us to collect up to 3000 toys a year and distribute them to children across Ghana during our Ghana Outreach Project.

If you have slightly used or new toys to donate towards this program, please contact us for drop off or pick up information.


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