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Dear Potential Sponsor/Volunteer,

Have you ever concerned yourself with the matters of the world and wondered what you could do to help?  Have you come across a philanthropist movement and wondered how you could help?  Have you ever wanted to bring change into the life(lives) of the less unfortunate but have yet to find a means?…well look no further.

Hands of a Hero Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to be the much needed change in the numerous lives of those less fortunate within the continent of Africa.  The displacement of wealth and inability of political entities in many third world countries propel the paradigm of poverty making it not only difficult to eradicate, but almost impossible to destroy all together. This organization aims to not only be socially influential, but through dedication, Hands of a Hero Foundation will also bring change educationally and economically to those who need it most.

As a nonprofit organization the dedication and diligence of those who seek to help are of top priority.  Hands of a Hero Foundation realizes the importance of every gesture, every push forward, every hand thrown into the mix, in creating the future we hope for today.

There are many forms of aid that can help contribute to making this dream possible i.e. monetary, volunteering, advocacy, and any route chosen is a step in the right direction to making one child’s unattainable future, as prospective reality.

With your help we can achieve our goals and help make a child’s dream a reality.

A message from the Hands of a Hero Foundation Team


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