Most of the work we do at Hands of a Hero Foundation would not be impossible without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

We believe that volunteers are important to this organization! They provide us with talents, commitment, reliability, energy, enthusiasm and most of all support. Our volunteers are made up of people who vary in ages, ethnicity, cultures and languages. We appreciate and welcome the different experiences, perspectives and knowledge that our volunteers bring to our organization.

Are you a student or a new graduate looking for a new experience or leadership/professional development skills?

Apply today !

Identify your area of Interest

Assess yourself to identify your skills, strength, weakness, passion and the area you want to develop.

Find an opportunity

There are many opportunities within this organization that can helps you develop in your area of interest while make a difference in the world around you.

Apply and Submit your Application

Submit your application and a member of our team will contact once you are considered.


We require at least 1 year commitment if you are chosen for one of our core volunteer positions.