Plan an event

Fundraisers are one of the few ways Hands of a Hero Foundation raises money to support and provide such an incredible opportunity and experience for less fortunate children in Canada and Ghana. Do you have a great sponsorship and promotional idea? We’d love to hear about it. For more information about fundraising please contact us at 1-647-874-6624
Steps to creating a successful fundraising event :
1. Create an enthusiastic and dedicated team, who support our cause and offer various skills.
2. Create event goals, identify expected income and create a to-do-list to ensure everything is completed up to the day of the event.
3. Fill out our fundraising information form and once approved, our team will be happy to assist and support the event.

Examples of fundraising events that work:
• Car wash
• Sport tournaments
• Bake sales
• Fashion shows
• Yard/Garage sales
• Auctions

Cost Effective
Remember that the lower the expenses, the more funds are raised.
Promotion is the key to a successful event. Get the word out through, social media platforms, flyers, word of mouth, community centers/groups, schools and posting your event on our website.
Wrap it up!
Event was a success! Ensure to collect all funds and thank your volunteers and participants for their support and hard work.
For more information, please contact us.