Lead Academy Program

HOHF Lead Academy Program was launched in Ghana in January 2016. The program aims to identify and teach young people in Ghana about leadership, excellence achievement and development in Ghana. In the Month of January we kick start the program in two different schools facilitating workshops about

We believe that to  cultivate young leaders in Ghana, we must first teach and mentor the youth about the Importance of self-discovery, self-identity, self confidence and self-esteem.

During our program in April, we asked, Priscilla what she thought about herself during the Lead Academy Program. She said ” I think I’m ugly”. I was definitely taking back by what she said because I can see is a beautiful strong African girl. How can she believe in herself if she believes that she is not beautiful? Click here to hear  what she said after the program


We also asked Beatrice, how she felt about herself; she broke down and started crying and said ” I think I’m not good enough”. This is how many young girls feel each and every single day. And how can we show them the road to success if we don’t mentor them and teach them about selflove and selfesteem. It is our responsibility to reach out to girls like Beatrice and tell them that they are good enough and that no one can tell them other wise. Click here to watch video



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