Tejas Kittur

Grant Writer and Researcher
  • My past experiences with youth and or community engagement: In the past I have worked with Durham Youth Housing Service Shelter as an Accessibility Policy Writer. We provided hands on support for youths to meet their housing, motivational, educational and supportive needs. As an accessibility policy writer, I analyzed current interworking of Durham Youth Housing Service Shelter to provide recommendations on accessibility needs for all patrons.
  • What inspires you the most: I am inspired by the work of community organizations because they strive to make changes in the community and the youths in need. Also, the innovative methods used by community organizations reignites motivation in youth to become their best, and being part of a group of positive role models inspires me even  further.
  • What defines a hero to me: A hero to me is someone who puts their best foot down even in the darkest moment.
  • A word that sums up my aspiration for Hands of a Hero Foundation: Role model