Diana Sarpong

Director of Marketing & Treasurer
For many years Diana Sarpong has been volunteering in the community with children and for fundraising events.  Being a co-founder of Hands of a Hero Foundation has given her the opportunity to give back to disadvantaged children and to help them reach their full potential.  She has volunteered as an after school Teaching Assistant for C.R. Marchant Middle School, where she has helped children with reading, cooking and writing.  She has also volunteered as a Clinical Nutritional Assistant for North York General Hospital Pediatric Department, where she ensured that patients meet their nutritional requirements, based on their illness or condition.  Diana has also participated in The Sporting Life 10K run to raise money for children with cancer, in order for them to go to camp and contributed with fundraising for Rethink Breast Cancer events by collecting donations and educating people with information concerning the prevention of breast cancer.  She has graduated from the Fashion Management Program at George Brown College, has a background in Nutrition and Food and is in pursuit of her Communications Degree.  Diana Sarpong has always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and her goal for the future is to one day build a community center, where children can have a second home to play and learn.  Diana continues to be an advocate for orphans and hopes that with this initiative from Hands of a Hero Foundation, there will be a change in the lives of disadvantaged children in Africa.