Nisha Chouhan

Youth Development Coordinator
  • My past experiences with youth and or community engagement: In the past, I have had experience with community engagement by being involved in my school’s volunteer tax program. I was able to experience a sense of community and work closely with other individuals to accomplish initiatives for my school. During tax season I encouraged the Ryerson community to join our tax free clinic to help students save money.
  • What inspires you the most :What inspires me the most is setting goals. I find it very inspiring when someone sets a goal and then decides to work hard and take the necessary steps to achieve it. I believe having perseverance and determination is important when aiming towards a dream or goal regardless of what it is.
  • What defines a hero to me: What defines a hero to me is someone who has patience, courage, determination and compassion. A hero is someone who is able to overcome challenges and help others by making a positive impact in their life. I believe to be a hero one has to be selfless and do what is right in difficult circumstances.
  • A word that sums up my aspiration for Hands of a Hero Foundation: Leadership