Sarah Kaj

Grant Writer and Researcher
  • My past experiences with youth and or community engagement :In the past I have tutored students learning English helping them get a better grasp of the language and develop their vocabulary. I have done peer review and essay editing for students in high school and university. I enjoy teaching and coaching others and helping show them that their dreams are not out of reach and with a little perspective and hard work that can accomplish anything.
  • What inspires you the most: What inspires me the most is the moment when someone finds clarity, hope, and inspiration. It is the moment they are no longer confused and lost and they can see clearly and feel in control and powerful. Individual empowerment is crucial and if I can help one person realize their potential, then I feel like I have accomplished something beyond great.
  • What defines a hero to me:What defines a hero to me is someone who is willing to look beyond their needs and wants and reach out and help someone without any appeal to the ego. Selflessness is heroic to me; too many people do things only after considering how it will benefit them. When someone disregards this thought process entirely they are acting heroically.
  • A word that sums up my aspiration for Hands of a Hero Foundation: Influence