What We Do

Hands of a Hero Foundation concentrates on transforming the lives of less fortunate children in Canada and Africa, particularly Ghana. We focus on empowerment, mentorship, educating and preparing children for their future endeavors.

In addition, we create and maintain initiatives that allow children to showcase their hidden abilities and talents as well as help them develop skills that will prepare them for their future prospects. The children we work with in Canada will be coached to become advocates for unprivileged children in Ghana.

We also focus on eliminating poverty and putting smiles on the faces of deprived children in Ghana. We are devoted in creating programs that provide sustainability, livability and prosperity for under privileged children in Africa.

Hands of a Hero Foundation, focuses on the physical and emotional wellness of children, by addressing the issues in impoverished areas in Ghana. We do this by responding to the emotional needs of vulnerable children, by sharing love, confidence and giving them hope through empowerment and motivation.

We have created initiatives in Canada and Ghana, in conjunction with three ongoing projects in Ghana, in efforts to help bring change educationally and economically to those who need it most. You will find  descriptions of the our  initiatives in the “Ghana Projects and Canada Programs” tabs.